How non-profits get things done

Episodal is where your staff, members, and volunteers come together to do good every day. It places the full knowledge and resources of your organization behind every meeting held, event planned, initiative executed, and community service provided.

No high pressure sales calls or emails - ever! After signing in, you can ask a question or get personal support at any time from anywhere in the app.

Episodal is where staff, members, and volunteers work together.

Why non-profit groups use Episodal...

Promotes transparency, inclusivity, and responsibility

Each feature we build into Episodal is designed with three key principles:

  1. Make all progress and contribution visible to everyone in the organization
  2. Provide means for every member to offer their talents where most needed
  3. Ensure that every member, whether paid staff or volunteer, can accomplish their own goals without delay or distraction.

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Accessible to every cause, big or small

Episodal is free forever to grass-roots efforts of 10 members or less. To support larger organizations, we charge only the bare minimum needed to cover the additional operational cost, and not a cent more.

The Episodal foundation has no investors or parent companies. We are 100% member-owned and guided by our mission to ensure every public good project has access to the tools they need to succeed.

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Born and raised by non-profits and volunteers

Episodal was designed - from day one - not only with non-profits in mind, but with direct input from grass-roots efforts in our community. Today, we continue to work just as closely with organizations to tackle the new and unique challenges faced by volunteer efforts.

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Keeps getting better and better

Since our founding, the Episodal platform has never stopped evolving. We release new features and make improvements weekly to ensure no problem faced by our member organizations goes unaddressed.

Of course what we have so far is just the beginning. Our roadmap continues to aim our efforts at empowering volunteer groups in new ways no software ever has before.

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Create an account and invite everyone to host meetings and discussions, organize into taskforces and committees, share, plan, and act together.