Be there every step of the way

Episodal's People Database is where you keep track of both the people you help, and the people that help you.

Never again debate and compromise between what CRM, volunteer database, mailing list, or expensive custom-built thing you need to meet everyone's needs. With Episodal, each profile can be added to any number of roles that you create and fully customize to store the exact information you - or any other parts of your organization - need to know about a contact.

There's always a story behind how each member went from donating a few bucks to spearheading your efforts. Episodal helps you better understand your ever-changing relationship with each constituent, empowering you to provide a more rewarding experience and new opportunities to contribute to your cause.

Everyone on the same page

All the marketing tricks in the world won't make a difference unless your organization can prove it can put the resources it already has to work.

Episodal Topics are where your members make progress and meet mission goals every day. Whether you're planning and executing initiatives, organizing community events, or providing an ongoing public service, there'll be a place to join the action.

Host ongoing discussions, ask and answer questions, share files, collaborate on documents, schedule meetings... you name it! Neither staff, members, nor volunteers are ever out of the loop on what needs to be done next.

Meetings + announcements = transparency made easy

Quickly and easily put together effective Meetings. Build agendas together with presenters, communcate last-second changes in real time, and even record the minutes.

Live Video Conferencing allows participants to join remotely, or to broadcast public meetings for those that can't make it in person. Episodal keeps everyone in sync with the current agenda item, distributing any text and attachments each item presenter wishes to make available.

In between meetings, deliver timely updates to your entire org with Announcements. Ideal for communicating upcoming events, sharing important decisions, or celebrating milestones. Members can post public comments and questions on each announcement, allowing you to quickly guage reactions or provide clarification where needed.

You can't do everything yourself

It's not always easy to meet deadlines and keep everyone focused in a growing volunteer effort. With Episodal, you can delegate with confidence knowing they have the right tools for the job.

Form Committees (or "taskforces") to meet well-defined goals and promote new leadership opportunities for your members. Officers can specify seats to recruit for required skillsets, or just enable open enrollment to give anyone a chance to offer their talents.

Add staff or core members with regular responsibilities to Teams. Each team has their own workspace, and can be granted access to manage protected org resources.

Questions? Ask us anything. Or just try Episodal for yourself...